Nov 14 2011

Merkel: Europe in ‘toughest hour since WW2′

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From American Thinker.Com

November 14, 2011

Rick Moran

The German Chancellor may be engaging in hyperbole. After all, there was hardly a stick or a stone left standing in much of Europe by 1945 and it took 20 years for the continent’s economies to recover fully.

But make no mistake. If the euro can’t be saved - if the entire “european project” is at risk of collapsing - the economic consequences might plunge the entire world into a financial meltdown that we might be a decade recovering from.


“Europe is in one of its toughest, perhaps the toughest hour since World War Two,” Merkel told her conservative party in Leipzig, saying she feared Europe would fail if the euro failed and vowing to do anything to stop this from happening.

But in a one-hour address to the Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel offered no new ideas for resolving the crisis that has forced bailouts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and has raised fears about the survival of the 17-state currency zone.

“If the euro fails then Europe fails, and we want to prevent and we will prevent this, this is what we are working for, because it is such a huge historical project,” Merkel said in the east German city of Leipzig.

In high drama in Rome, the president of Italy asked former European commissioner Mario Monti on Sunday to form a government to restore market confidence in an economy whose debt burden is too big for the euro bloc to bail out.

There was some respite for the euro on Monday morning after the Italian Treasury paid a record 6.29 percent yield to sell five-year government bonds in the first auction held after Monti was asked to head an emergency government.

Italy, which last week saw its borrowing costs rise sharply past the 7 percent level that has triggered international bailouts of Ireland and Portugal, sold the maximum targeted amount of 3 billion euros ($4 billion).

It appears that the European Central Bank’s intervention in buying Italian bonds worked - it brought the yeilds down to barely manageable levels. But Germans are complaining about the ECB’s purchase of risky paper because it would be German taxpayers who would have to bail them out if things went south.

Meanwhile, the financial bailout mechanism - the EFSF - is denying reports that it had to purchase its own bonds to make up for a shortfall in the sale conducted last week. But the agency also admitted current market conditions will make it impossible to leverage its $440 billion fund to reach the targeted $1 trillion.

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Aug 28 2011

European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating

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From Hudson-NY.Org

Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

Many of the “no-go” zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.

The “no-go” areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations.

In Britain, for example, a Muslim group called Muslims Against the Crusades has launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls “Londonistan” – into independent Islamic states. The so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence.

The Islamic Emirates Project names the British cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London as territories to be targeted for blanket Sharia rule.

In the Tower Hamlets area of East London (also known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets), for example, extremist Muslim preachers, called the Tower Hamlets Taliban, regularly issue death threats to women who refuse to wear Islamic veils. Neighborhood streets have been plastered with posters declaring “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced.” And street advertising deemed offensive to Muslims is regularly vandalized or blacked out with spray paint.

In the Bury Park area of Luton, Muslims have been accused of “ethnic cleansing” by harassing non-Muslims to the point that many of them move out of Muslim neighborhoods. In the West Midlands, two Christian preachers have been accused of “hate crimes” for handing out gospel leaflets in a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham. In Leytonstone in east London, the Muslim extremist Abu Izzadeen heckled the former Home Secretary John Reid by saying: “How dare you come to a Muslim area.”

In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called. A complete list of the ZUS can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated 5 million Muslims live in the ZUS, parts of France over which the French state has lost control.

Muslim immigrants are taking control of other parts of France too. In Paris and other French cities with high Muslim populations, such as Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse, thousands of Muslims are closing off streets and sidewalks (and by extension, are closing down local businesses and trapping non-Muslim residents in their homes and offices) to accommodate overflowing crowds for Friday prayers. Some mosques have also begun broadcasting sermons and chants of “Allahu Akbar” via loudspeakers into the streets.

The weekly spectacles, which have been documented by dozens of videos posted on (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), and which have been denounced as an “occupation without tanks or soldiers,” have provoked anger and disbelief. But despite many public complaints, local authorities have declined to intervene because they are afraid of sparking riots.

In the Belgian capital of Brussels (which is 20% Muslim), several immigrant neighborhoods have become “no-go” zones for police officers, who frequently are pelted with rocks by Muslim youth. In the Kuregem district of Brussels, which often resembles an urban war zone, police are forced to patrol the area with two police cars: one car to carry out the patrols and another car to prevent the first car from being attacked. In the Molenbeek district of Brussels, police have been ordered not to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in public during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

In Germany, Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut, in an August 1 interview with the newspaper Der Westen, revealed that Muslim immigrants are imposing “no-go” zones in cities across Germany at an alarming rate.

The interviewer asked Witthaut: “Are there urban areas – for example in the Ruhr – districts and housing blocks that are “no-go areas,” meaning that they can no longer be secured by the police?” Witthaut replied: “Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it. But of course we know where we can go with the police car and where, even initially, only with the personnel carrier. The reason is that our colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos, and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves. We know that these areas exist. Even worse: in these areas crimes no longer result in charges. They are left ‘to themselves.’ Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the picture.”

In Italy, Muslims have been commandeering the Piazza Venezia in Rome for public prayers. In Bologna, Muslims repeatedly have threatened to bomb the San Petronio cathedral because it contains a 600-year-old fresco inspired by Dante’s Inferno which depicts Mohammed being tormented in hell.

In the Netherlands, a Dutch court ordered the government to release to the public a politically incorrect list of 40 “no-go” zones in Holland. The top five Muslim problem neighborhoods are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Kolenkit area in Amsterdam is the number one Muslim “problem district” in the country. The next three districts are in Rotterdam – Pendrecht, het Oude Noorden and Bloemhof. The Ondiep district in Utrecht is in the fifth position, followed by Rivierenwijk (Deventer), Spangen (Rotterdam), Oude Westen (Rotterdam), Heechterp/ Schieringen (Leeuwarden) and Noord-Oost (Maastricht).

In Sweden, which has some of the most liberal immigration laws in Europe, large swaths of the southern city of Malmö – which is more than 25% Muslim – are “no-go” zones for non-Muslims. Fire and emergency workers, for example, refuse to enter Malmö’s mostly Muslim Rosengaard district without police escorts. The male unemployment rate in Rosengaard is estimated to be above 80%. When fire fighters attempted to put out a fire at Malmö’s main mosque, they were attacked by stone throwers.

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Muslim youth have been hurling petrol bombs at police cars. In the city’s Angered district, where more than 15 police cars have been destroyed, teenagers have also been pointing green lasers at the eyes of police officers, some of whom have been temporarily blinded.

In Gothenburg’s Backa district, youth have been throwing stones at patrolling officers. Gothenburg police have also been struggling to deal with the problem of Muslim teenagers burning cars and attacking emergency services in several areas of the city.

According to the Malmö-based Imam Adly Abu Hajar: “Sweden is the best Islamic state.”

- Prophecy News Watch

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Jun 27 2011

Down To The Wire?

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From American Thinker.Com

June 27, 2011

Hugh de Payns

Already aging, Europe is making its problems worse by reducing opportunities for its younger generation.  In fact, the demographics in Europe are not encouraging and Mark Steyn wrote about this in his excellent book: America Alone.

The Greek bailout is just one chapter in a larger social-economic unwinding that is taking place in Europe.

In the near term, we watch Greece as it is embroiled in heated debate over its economic and fiscal degeneration.  If Greece fails, there is larger concern with other weak players in Europe — especially Spain.

The situation in Greece is very fluid and changes by the hour.  Where the debt/austerity vote goes is not clear right now.  According to, a vote to approve the austerity plan — even assuming that it would work — is not a slam dunk.

The citizens of Greece are definitely not cooperating, and there have been wide scale protests, with more scheduled today.  Some politicians are beginning to have second thoughts, as the general tone of the population itself is so ill disposed to the entire agreement.  Many expect some 11th hour agreement — over the vigorous objections of the population.  After all, that is in the best interests of the banking cartel.

In some ways, the line of reasoning over the Greek situation is similar to Hank “tanks in the street” Paulson back in 2008.  Threats and scare tactics have abounded if the banks are not paid.  Somehow, the idea of transferring private debt and private risk over to the public is still in vogue.  We did it here in the US and look how well it worked out.

Sensing a loss of momentum, some European diplomats are discussing a plan B if Greece votes no on the austerity plan.  Many investors here in the US are making plans for a Greek default.

In the long run, it may make little difference.  The best guess is that over time, despite the bailouts and austerity measures, some of the weaker economies are going to leave the euro; it will just be a matter of timing and circumstance.

A final note, the young in Europe are not getting jobs. Der Spiegel ran a piece last week about the loss of direction, meaning and productivity that is running through Europe.  I strongly recommend that everyone read this missive.  Not because the article is entirely correct — it is laced with the politically correct doctrines of the left — a perspective that helped to bring about the mess to begin with. But it does tell of the plight of the younger generation.

What stands out is how the article skirts around the reasons Europe reached this predicament.  That is a discussion for another time, but it largely centers on socialism.  Socialism enlarges the state at the expense of its citizens, erodes the political control of its citizens over their own government, and it harms the culture that binds them together. Loss of cultural vitality is crippling Europe and has lead to many issues such as declining birth rates, centralized over regulation, and loss of control of the political process to unelected bureaucrats.  Bureaucrats who are more answerable to international business interests, than their own citizens.

Where does this lead besides insolvency and lack of opportunity?

It should not surprise the reader to see many of the young begin to leave and look for work elsewhere. Already aging too rapidly, another youthful talent and brain drain is not what Europe needs.  It will make a severe problem much worse.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent essay today at Pajamas Media, on the subject of what socialism really is, in which Greece plays a prominent role:

Greece is the locus classicus. Why are the Greeks protesting? Against whom? They obtained long ago the promised bloated sector and high taxes that all schemed to avoid. Their alma mater EU is hardly a demonic capitalist-run plutocracy, but a kindred socialist state. Is Greece an oil producer, industrial powerhouse, high-tech innovator - anything that might explain the sort of upscale life, modern infrastructure, legions of Mercedeses, and plush second homes that one began to see in Greece after 1985?

In truth, socialist Greeks are furious that they have impoverished themselves and demand that private money and far harder-working Germans bail them out - but why so, when socialism should not need outside capitalist-generated dollars? Could not the Greeks, Soviet style, set up a Cuban collective, and adjust their lifestyles (there goes Kolonaki culture) to their means, living in an opportunity of result utopia with a huge public sector, more siestas, high but ignored taxes - with a collective good riddance to those awful intrusive German bankers? (snip)

So what is socialism? It is a sort of modern version of Louis XV’s “Après moi, le déluge”  - an unsustainable Ponzi scheme in which elite overseers, for the duration of their own lives, enjoy power, influence, and gratuities by implementing a system that destroys the sort of wealth for others that they depend upon for themselves.

Once the individual develops a dependency on food stamps, free medical care, subsidized housing, all sorts of disability or unemployment compensation, education credits, grants, and zero-interest loans - the entire American version of the European socialist breadbasket - then expectations for far more always keep rising, with a commensurate plethora of new justifications, usually in the realm of someone else having more than the recipient, always unjustly so. The endangered aid recipient is always seen as being pushed off a cliff in a wheel chair - therefore, “they” can afford to give “me” more; things are not “fair”; there is no “equality.”

Cutting back $2,500 a month in combined benefits and subsidies to $2300 a month is always seen as far more heartless and cruel than not in the first place giving someone without subsidies a mere $200 a month. For every dollar taken, two are demanded. And that creates a powerful constituency for whom the shrillest rhetoric of oppression is, well, never too shrill. Revolutions are not fueled by the very poor seeking their daily bread, but by those on entitlements that revolt at the thought of less to come. A rioting Greek today is far better off than his parents in 1973 when I first arrived in the country; and he would remain far better off even under an “austerity” plan. But his expectations have soared geometrically with each euro received, and he now has convinced himself that not to have more is to have nothing.

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Mar 25 2011

Prepare for a European Union Divided in Two

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From Online WSJ.Com

Twenty-seven divided by two equals 17, with 10 left over. That’s the new Euromath.

Sooner or later, the euro-zone financial crisis will be over. Greek, Irish, Portuguese and probably Spanish creditors will have neatly trimmed hair, the banks will have had to shore up their inadequate capital, German exporters will continue to cash the profits from the euro their southern partners have obligingly weakened, and the eurocracy will have found other reasons to meet. But Europe will not be the same.

It will be changed in two very important ways. First, the 27-nation European Union will have fractured into separate groups of 17 and 10. Second, the economies of the Gang of 17 will be centrally managed by a Franco-German coalition, while the nations among the 10 “leftovers” will fight a losing battle to effect the policies of the EU of which they are paid-up members. Peaceful coexistence between the 17 and the 10 is no sure thing.

The 17 euro-zone countries have made the direction in which they are heading very clear. The felt need to prevent defaults by its overly indebted members is leading to a more pervasive system of central economic management. The 17 are to have access to Germany’s balance sheet, in return for which Germany is quite properly demanding a say in how they manage their economic affairs. Not only their budgets, but all the factors that affect their international competitiveness: methods of wage bargaining; the generosity of their welfare states, including the timing and terms of retirement; regulations concerning access to various occupations; and, most of all, tax rates.

It’s not on for Greece to borrow money from the stronger euro-zone countries while operating loss-making, nationalized transport systems; or for euro-countries to index retirement benefits to wage rates rather than retail prices, with Germany the payer of last resort; or for one member to maintain corporate tax rates at half the level of the group average. It has become clear that a one-size-fits-all interest rate must be accompanied by more uniform fiscal and related economic policies. Joy unbounded in Paris as the long-sought French goal of a 17-nation euro-zone “economic government” comes closer to realization, marginalizing EU institutions.

The nations outside of the euro zone, the left-over 10, maintain their own national currencies, and retain control over their own interest rates. The value of their currencies can fluctuate, allowing depreciation if they are over-valued, and appreciation if inflation threatens. Their central banks can raise or lower interest rates in response to changing economic conditions. And to some extent they are free to follow the more liberal economic policies they prefer, rather than hew to the line set by the more anti-free-market euro-zone 17.

Those differences between the 17 and the 10 are creating a threat to the cohesion of the 27-member European Union. The euro-zone countries are developing rules for coordinated economic management without consulting the excluded group of 10. Next step: apply some of those rules to the 27-nation EU to prevent non-euro countries from gaining a competitive advantage over euro-zone members, as France and others complain Britain has done by allowing the pound to float, countenancing a less regulated labor market, and keeping regulation of financial services to an essential minimum.

The excluded 10 are well aware of their exclusion from meetings that set policies that will affect them. “It really rankles that they [Denmark and Sweden] can’t get into important policy meetings,” reports the Economist. Add Britain to the increasingly rankled as Brussels makes it more costly to employ part-time workers and weaves a new web of regulations around the U.K. financial services sector, and you have a core group that just might decide that exclusion from euro-zone summits makes membership in the EU less attractive. After all, majority voting allows the bloc of 17 to dominate rule-making in the EU.

France has a solution for the under-represented, non-euro countries: get rid of your national currencies adopt the euro, and get to have a say—a tiny one compared to Germany and ours, but a say nevertheless—in the rules being drafted to implement the new European-wide system of economic management. That has little appeal for many members of the excluded 10. Britain’s economic reasons for refusing to buy a seat at the table by surrendering its own currency are rooted in basic differences from euro-zone countries—a more interest-rate sensitive economy, greater reliance on financial services, the need for a currency that adjusts to changing economic conditions. These remain as powerful a deterrent to membership as when they were first developed by then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown and the current shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.

Meanwhile, Sweden points out that its economy is the fastest growing in the EU, Danish voters believe they are not Ireland because the krone is not the euro, and euro members Greece and Ireland are wondering whether friends-in-need should have to pay usurious interest rates to their friends-in-deed.

The American colonies went to war to break away from Britain, and fought under the banner, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” The excluded 10 will have to decide just how long they want to tolerate marginalization before deciding that regulation without representation is equally tyrannical.

- Prophecy News Watch

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Mar 17 2011

Europe Misses the Tide

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From American Thinker.Com

March 17, 2011

Europe Misses the Tide

This month Europe missed a last opportunity to grow up.  Libya was about as good a case as we will ever see of a hated little Generalissimo right under the soft underbelly of Europe, ready to be pushed out in favor of a better, if not perfect regime.  Muammar Kaddafi only abandoned his nuclear program when Bush invaded Iraq, fearful of a self-confident America that wanted no maniacs with nuclear weapons in charge of  Middle Eastern oil.  But now Europe, which claims “peaceful superpower” status in the world, simply flinched and did nothing.  Three European heads of state demanded that Kaddafi resign, and that old crook gave them all the high sign while bombing and strafing large numbers of civilians in the streets of Benghazi.

When Europe was helpless after World War II during Stalin’s time, it was protected by the United States.  We came to the rescue against Hitler and the Kaiser, and barely eked out a victory.  But like the fabled Chinese tale where a kind rescuer is obligated forever to support a man or woman whose life he saved, we have gotten involved in “foreign entanglements” to protect a subcontinent of 330 million prosperous people who do not pay for their own defense, and who never face the difficult adult choices that a real foreign policy imposes upon civilized nations.
As a result, Europe has become a continent of crybabies on welfare, the worst of all possible worlds, except for the devastation of war itself.  It has cannibalized its military, so that its ability to exercise elementary self-defense keeps shrinking, and its dependence on foreign influxes of cheap labor and cheap votes from the Muslim world grows ever larger.  In its lazy self-indulgence Europe is committing suicide, and its boastful claims to have solved the problems of war and peace forever sound ever more desperate and hollow.  The demographics are now turning against the continent that gave rise to Western civilization, leaving the business of big power politics to the United States, China, Russia, and whatever emerges from the reactionary swing of the Middle East.
And all because Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron could not agree to send a few planes to control the skies over Libya.
Obama was in his usual dithering mode, and Europe was no better.  But Libya is sitting on Europe’s southern flank, and the EU now has 53 million increasingly radicalized Muslims imported by the Left as cheap voters, easily bought (for the moment) by welfare.
Kaddafi is a domestic bully and tyrant, but he has also blown up a civilian airliner over Scotland, killed a London policewoman with sniper fire from the Libyan Embassy there, and aided Muslim terrorist groups in Africa and Europe.  Without George W. Bush, Kaddafi would now be close to nuclear weapons, and in a year or two he will have them, just like Iran.  That will make him untouchable.
Like Saddam Hussein, the Saudis and Iran, Libya has used its oil to buy influence in the capitals of Europe and the United States — the most likely reason why the West has not been able to arouse itself from its impotent torpor after 9/11/01.  Oil money has flooded the coffers of politically powerful lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and London, in Paris and Brussels.  Former French President Jacques Chirac is once again facing trial in Paris, but we already know about the Oil-for-Food scandal that allowed Saddam Hussein to buy the Qai d’Orsay and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan.  Europe used to be fairly free of corruption, but under the EU Machine, like the Chicago Democrats, politics is for sale.  That means oil money is now more powerful in deciding Europe’s fate than all the voters combined.  As Daniel Hannan points out, in the EU Parliament the members are elected but have no power to legislate, while the real ruling class never has to answer to the voters.
Europe has given up on electoral government and is now putting up a phony front, like Vladimir Putin in Moscow.  This is not, repeat not, an accident, and America’s political class is eying the EU with real envy.  In the United States the left is constantly plotting a similar takeover of the judiciary, the bureaucracies, and ultimately the elected branch of government.  That is the real reason for ObamaCare.
Europe’s failure to take a stand on Libya therefore means a moment of opportunity that is lost forever.  Obama could have chosen this moment to be decisive, but he is still vastly inexperienced and ideologically stuck in beliefs that lost any relevance with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.  Obama may be trying to revive the international left, but even Marxist presidents cannot reverse the tide of history.  They can preen and bully their way around the stage for one or two terms, but when they leave, the tides of history come flooding back.
When Ronald Reagan took over after the disastrous presidency of dithering Jimmy Carter, he was able to accomplish historic things.  That is because he seized moments of opportunity, one after the next.  The invasion of Granada looked like a peanuts operation at the time, but it set limits to Soviet expansionism in the Americas, and it restored the American military’s faith in itself.  Reagan knocked down the air traffic controllers’ strike the instant he entered office, and Khomeini released American diplomats he had been holding for years.  At the end of Reagan’s second term the Soviet Union had crumbled and Western civilization had reasserted itself through the remarkable efforts of three people: Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II.  It was a triumph of civilization against barbarity, and it did not happen by accident.
Muammar Kaddafi is a moral midget, but he has one thing the West now lacks: He has the will to live and win. Using only his personal fanaticism and that of his followers he has turned the tables on a popular revolt that could have given legitimacy to a small Western intervention. The West could have kept influence in Libya by supporting the opposition and helping to rebuild the country, thereby holding back Islamic fascism and the quest for nukes. The West failed, and will now look on helplessly while events play out in their own remorseless way.
We think we are immune to the forces of history, but history merely grins at our puny statesmen and rolls over us.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which,
taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.”
(Julius Caesar, Act 4 [show/hide]ERROR: You have exceeded your quota of 5000 requests per day. Please contact the developer of this application if you have questions. (If you're the developer and have questions about this error message, please contact Crossway.)
This text is from the ESV Bible. Visit to learn about the ESV.
, scene 3).

By James Lewis

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Feb 25 2011

The United Caliphate States of Europe

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From American Thinker.Com

February 25, 2011

The United Caliphate States of Europe

By Samuel J. Mikolaski

Increasingly, the leaders of Western Europe are recognizing the failure of multiculturalism. Whether they will do anything about the problem remains to be seen.
How did Europe come to this pass? I speak as one born in the Balkans but raised in Canada, where I was, thankfully, assimilated to democratic, Anglophone culture. The issue in Europe has in part to do with the formation and expansion of the EU and whether, with the massive migration of worker Turks into Western Europe, Turkey should be admitted to the EU.
Admission of Turkey into the EU clearly would exacerbate an already critical illegal migrant situation. This particularly affects Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and the UK (which also has a large population of Islamic Pakistanis). The drain on welfare resources and medical services to support these unassimilated populations has reached crisis proportions, to say nothing about the undermining of civil law in parts of Paris and London, the Midlands of England, Germany, and Austria.
In addition, Europe’s problems have been worsened by American policies in the Balkans of the past 15 years. This is true in three important respects:
  • Our mismanagement of Bosnia
  • Our intervention in Kosovo
  • Our policy of defaming our traditional Serb allies while ignoring the incredible mafia criminality and anti-Christian destructiveness of Albanian and Bosnian Islamic extremism
The extent of infiltration of Islamic organized crime from Albania and Bosnia into Europe is staggering. This is ignored or excused by the powerful Albanian lobby in America’s Northeast and in Congress.  To be fair, some in Congress, such as Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana, are alert to the situation, and a fresh look is being taken at our Balkan policy within the State Department.
The Bosnia Imbroglio
President Clinton imported Al Qaeda from Afghanistan into Bosnia to counter Slobodan Milosevic, a decision facilitated in part by Madeleine Albright’s vitriolic, personal hatred of Serbs, which significantly skewed our foreign policy. We did not betray the Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, and Bulgarians, all of whom had more reactionary communist regimes than the former Yugoslavia. The irony is that Serbs rid themselves of Milosevic without Washington’s help and turned him over to the Hague.
The attempt to combine the three major ethnic groups in Bosnia into one state has failed. Serbs have defensively created Republica Srpska. The Croats, who have tried accommodation with the radical Islamist leadership, have decided they have had enough. They recently asked Russia to intervene in the Security Council to stabilize their situation in the face of radical Islamist undermining of their status in the Bosnian federation.
I have carefully read the 700 pages of The Clinton Tapes by Taylor Branch. The book is based on 79 two-hour interviews, often late at night, as President Clinton sought over the years during his administration to freshly recount events of the day or of previous days.
It is remarkable how little understanding is reflected in these tapes about the history of the Balkans, especially of the strong Christian heritage in Bosnia and Kosovo and the attempts by the Ottoman Empire to restrict Christianity by forced conversions to Islam through the kidnapping of Serbian boys (who became the famed Janissaries), by brutality, and by discriminatory economic policies.
Nor was there even a hint of anxiety or regret at what his importing of Al Qaeda into Bosnia was causing as they settled down, married Bosnian women, and began the process of imposing Islamic radicalism on Bosnia, which had become significantly secular since the expulsion of the Ottomans from Europe after World War I.
From Bosnia and Kosovo we now have one of the largest and most virulent drug cartels in the world, the worst of white slavery and prostitution trafficking into Europe, and terrorist training compounds. (Several of the 9/11 hijackers spent time in Bosnia among their Al Qaeda compatriots.) It is fascinating that some, including Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the UN, wanted to re-establish Christianity as the dominant culture in the Balkans against the rising radical Islamic tide, a proposal that never got off the ground.
It is scarcely credible, but nevertheless true, that the Clinton Administration ignored the Islamic Declaration by Alija Izetbegović, former president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which he clearly urged Islamists in Bosnia and worldwide to take up jihad against the West. Instead they regarded him as “their boy,” ignoring the proliferating terrorist cells in Bosnia.
The Devastation of Kosovo
The silence of the West about the expulsion of Serbs, Romanies and other non-Albanians from Kosovo, the terrorizing of the remaining Serbs, and the destruction and desecration of literally hundreds of churches, monasteries, cemeteries and other Christian landmarks, some of which are medieval treasures, is a tribute to the West’s allowing some of the worst vandalism and repression of the Christian faith in modern times.
There are more churches, monasteries and other Christian landmarks per square kilometer in Kosovo than anywhere else on earth. Kosovo is to Serbian Orthodox Christians what Canterbury is to Anglicans and the Vatican to Roman Catholics. But Christian Orthodox populations are expendable in the political maneuvering of Western politicians.
The latest bombshell is the Council of Europe’s recently adopted report from Dick Marty that Kosovo leaders, including Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, are complicit in crime, including organ trafficking. There is now a strenuous effort to sweep the body parts issue under the rug lest it torpedo efforts to legitimize the illegally mandated separation of Kosovo from Serbia. The data are horrific: Serbian captive youths were selected on the basis of genetic compatibility for killing in order to harvest saleable body parts.
The Marty report confirms allegations by prosecutor Carla del Ponte, of the Hague International War Crimes Tribunal, first published in 2008 (some say even earlier, in 2003). Human Rights Watch has called on the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo to appoint a special prosecutor based outside Kosovo to investigate Marty’s findings. But there is an insuperable obstacle to effective judicial proceedings: Kosovo is tiny, and it is almost impossible to shelter witnesses, should they come forward. Testifying would mean signing a death warrant against oneself and one’s entire family.
Few in America recognize that in the Balkans we are reaping the whirlwind of recent policy errors. In Samuel Huntington’s words, we are indeed witnessing the clash of civilizations.  But our adversary is not an identifiable state enemy. The strategy is to insinuate a minority Islamist population into a culture and allege discrimination while practicing it. Once they gain status or power they turn on their hosts.
In America today one cannot even begin to discuss the issues. On April 25, 2008, at the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa, Bernard Lewis, professor emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, warned that there is:
a degree of thought control and limitations of freedom of expression without parallel in the Western world since the 18th century … Islam and Islamic values now have a level of immunity from comment and criticism in the Western world that Christianity has lost and Judaism has never had.
Samuel Mikolaski is a retired theology professor. His curriculum vitae and published work are on his website.

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Feb 19 2011

Europe Dumps the Multicult

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From American Thinker.Com

February 17, 2011

Europe Dumps the Multicult

By James Lewis

Don’t look now, but the cult of multiculturalism is finally crumbling into the vast dustbin of history. Multiculturalism is the left-wing fantasy that all cultures are equal, no matter how many millions of poor people are deliberately starved, mutilated, tortured or butchered by the Sudanese fascisti. The cult of multiculturalism is the feverish brainchild of our leftish professors, who prefer not even to read the daily newspapers for a sanitized version of reality in the Sudan, Congo, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Multiculturalism is the fantasy that Saddam Hussein had to be left in power in Iraq, but that Egypt’s Mubarak had to go for unspecified sins against democracy.
The indoctrinated left lives in a bubble of its own devising, and they are terrified to peek out at the real world. So they loved the cult of multi, because it allowed them to avoid having to take a moral stand. What evil? I don’t see no evil!
Multiculturalism denied, among other things, that humans ever practiced cannibalism. But that turned out to be false, because we now know that all humans carry genetic immunity against prions, which are infectious particles that you get from — you guessed it — eating dead people.  We carry immunity against the bad stuff that comes after gobbling up human brains, and that means that humans once practiced so much cannibalism that our bodies needed a way to protect us from flesh-borne toxins.
So it turns out that all the Evil White Guys of history were right on target after all, and that human beings often hunted and snacked on each other, just as in those old New Yorker cartoons about tropical missionaries sitting in large cooking pots.
Why don’t you and I eat people today? Because it is a profound cultural taboo for Westerners, derived from our biblical roots. Other peoples don’t necessarily have such humanitarian taboos. The fact that we are horrified by cannibalism  shows that our culture is morally different, and that we are not the Stone Age Yanamamo tribe of Chile, who spend their weekends trying to kill each other. According to anthropologists who have studied them for decades, about a third of Yanamamo males die a violent death, in their version of Monday night football. But who are we to judge them?
In the world of reality, as opposed to the multi cult, it turns out that warfare is also a human universal. All known peoples do it, sometimes for reasons you and I would consider moral — like defending our homes and children — and sometimes for sheer cussedness.
Humans are not innately nice; we always need to be taught as children and teenagers to become truly human. In every generation we need to teach the values we cherish, and to protect them from those who would destroy them. That used to be called “education.”
If you have any college-age kids, they have had the cult of multi beaten into their heads. That means they can no longer tell the difference between “Love thy neighbor” and “Kill thy neighbor — unless he converts to the One True Faith.” The MoBros who are now seeking power in Egypt believe in killing infidels unless they submit to their interpretation of Allah. Your friendly Christian fundamentalist neighbor believes in Love Thy Neighbor. But the left can’t tell the difference any more, because they have systematically extirpated their own moral sense. For the left, it takes a cult to raise a child.
The perverse cult of multiculturalism despises only one thing — our own deep roots in Judaism and Christianity. That is why the pop media always smear and laugh at devout Jews and Christians, while head-chopping Islamofascists are idolized. We are now seeing the media doing it again with Egypt. Go figure.
Well, the cult of multi is no more. The Cult is Dead! Long live the Cult!
How can we tell? Because the head of three important European nations have proclaimed multiculturalism dead and buried: Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, and Britain’s David Cameron. Melanie Phillips gives us a summary in The Spectator:
“First, the Prime Minister did indeed travel a huge distance from the ruinous position taken by the previous government on both multiculturalism and Islamic extremism. The most important change he made was to end the absurd idea that the only threat comes from ‘violent extremism’. Cameron has understood instead that the source of the threat lies in a set of ideas, and not just in the terrorist actions that sometimes result from those ideas.
“…we need to be absolutely clear on where the origins of where these terrorist attacks lie.  That is the existence of an ideology, Islamist extremism. …
“At the (most extreme) end are those who back terrorism to promote their ultimate goal: an entire Islamist realm, governed by an interpretation of Sharia.”
Over there, the taboo against telling the plain truth is now breached. They’ve dumped the biggest mass delusion of the last thirty years.
It’s just like the children’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s new clothes,” by Hans Christian Andersen. Instead of a little boy pointing out the stark naked truth, we have three European heads of government doing it, one after the other, which can only help us to come back to sanity.
There is only one reason why all three of them are coming out with the same message. Europe is now really scared by its own suicidal open-door policy to millions of Pakistanis, Algerians, Sudanese, Somalis, and other Muslims who have been brainwashed to want to destroy Western culture. The annual burning of French automobiles in the suburbs of Paris has finally hit home. Europe now wants to teach Western values to its immigrants for fear of Islamofascist imperialism. But it’s going to be close a race against time.
When the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991 and the Berlin Wall tumbled down, Western leftists lost their whole reason for being, their very meaning in life. Bureaucracies instinctively spin new stories when they lose their reason for being, to keep justifying their huge appetites for tax money, power and perks, not to mention their obedient squads of worshipful students.
The leftish professoriate sought a new myth for itself when Gorbachev allowed Berliners to finally tear down that wall, as Ronald Reagan demanded in public, to the hysterical horror of the spinsters of the New York Times.
Academic radicals are tenured for life. Nobody can fire them. So they needed a new myth to keep their self-esteem alive. Multiculturalism was that myth, the keystone to the whole tyrannical mythology of Political Correctness.
When a lot of people begin to spread a flagrant lie as if it were true, and to go on witch-hunts against skeptics, we have all the makings of a cult, a shared delusional system. “Political Correctness” was Lenin’s phrase for a Communist Party Line that was flagrantly false, but which would be enforced by propaganda, beatings, bullets and Siberian labor camps for any open skeptics. Lenin is dead, but Leninism is not. A few years ago the President of Harvard University was fired for questioning a tenet of the cult of PC in public.
Fortunately, after getting fired by Harvard, Larry Summers got a new job advising the Obamas on how to sabotage our economy. Summers will never, ever say any non-PC word in public again. He’s been thought reformed by the commissars of Harvard.
So it will take time to rebuild confidence in our own values, and to get really clear that other cultures really do continue to violate our Judeo-Christian morality: North Korea, Burma, the Congo, Sudan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran.  We have decades of false and malignant teachings to make up for. It will be a long convalescence.
Multiculturalism has been the centerpiece of the reverse racism that has ruled Europe and America since the collapse of the Soviet Empire. It has been drummed into millions of empty heads by leftish professors around the world. Maybe it was the left’s answer to the collapse of the Berlin Wall around 1991, and along with it, their hopes for a future as the new ruling elite.
In Europe today the left is actually the ruling class, the ones who dominate the media, the schools and the parliaments. That’s why Norwegian politicians gave a Chicago con artist variously named Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama a Nobel Peace Prize before he ever stepped into the White House. They just recognized him as one of their own, and they always wanted to rule America, anyway. Give that man a Nobel Peace Prize!
Soon after that, Obama tried to save the Copenhagen global frauding conference, but it collapsed anyway, even after Tony Blair said we should all spend trillions of dollars to “fix” the climate, even if the hysteria wasn’t true. (Yes. He said it.) Obama’s EPA still claims to still believe that people breathing out CO2 will overheat Mother Gaia, but then Obama never has a new idea. He is mentally rigid and fixed in his own dogmas. Obama is never wrong. People who are never wrong are disastrous leaders.
So Europe is turning against its own cult of multiculturalism. Behind the scenes thousands of Euro journ-O-lists are trying to figure out ways to spin their way out of this one. Now watch as millions of dazed European adults go ghost-walking through the streets of Berlin, Paris and London, rubbing their eyes and wondering why they ever believed what they said they believed. Because by now, finally, everybody over there is really scared of radical Muslims who will not learn Western civilization. France, Germany and the UK have finally seen the salivating beast that is dogging their footsteps.
When heads of governments in Europe say something about multiculturalism it’s a sign of change, because their education systems are controlled by the State. Ever since Napoleon and Bismarck they’ve had top-down control over what kids are taught in school. Every EU country has a Ministry of Education that decides who teaches what at any level. That’s why, when Sarkozy or Merkel makes a public statement like this, it means a radical change of direction all down the line.
In America our Education professors (like Bill Ayers) control what our teachers and students think — like the need to vote for Democrats no matter how destructive and harebrained they are. We have a cultural monopoly of the left, witness the fact that the media always use the same headlines on the same day, word for word. It’s a standard Rush Limbaugh schtick to play the copycat media mouthing the Party Line every day, and it hasn’t changed in twenty years. All the alphabet channels say the same words in the same headlines, day after day. But real human beings don’t repeat a Party Line. The goose-stepping conformity of our media is all you need to prove that we live in an ideological monopoly.
Because the State controls the schools in Europe, its famous Deep Thinkers always end up boot-licking the ruling class, just like Friedrich Hegel, the hero of Karl Marx. Hegel and Marx both admired the Prussian State, except that Marx was convinced that he should be Otto von Bismarck.  It’s not really complicated.
That’s why it is clear by now that Obama is not a liberal at all; he’s a Marxist, which means a top-down command guy, which means a good old goose-stepping Prussian Obersturmbahnfuehrer.
As we have just seen, Obama is willing to publicly humiliate Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, and to order him to resign from office without the benefit of an election; and Mubarak better jump to it, or Obama’s twitter mob will throw him out.
That’s a totalitarian mind at work, folks. You elected him, now you get to watch. If he can do it to General Motors and Wall Street, he can do it to our allies around the world. It looks like Obama is going to whip up a purge of our closest allies in the Arab Middle East, while leaving the Iranian fascisti in power. Hail Obama, Lightbringer!
Barack Obama was elected by the American version of multi cult, after decades of 24/7 PC media prop. He was elected to be the “historic” first black man who also happened to be a radical Leftist. Obama is our first rigidly ideological president, ever. The left hoped that by electing Obama they finally, finally had a big stick to beat ordinary Americans with, one that was strong enough to enforce their lust for power over everything.
It almost worked. The only trouble is that Obama now has to deal with reality rather than fantasy, and, as every president finds out, reality is not nearly as forgiving as the spinners of the media. In Egypt we are really facing one of two possible outcomes: Radical Islamofascism or relatively benign military rule. Turkey chose Islamofascism a few years ago and is purging their military. Pakistan is always torn between them. Iran still has the fascists in charge.
The good news is that we have just seen the death knell of Multicultismo. Conservatives deserve to celebrate, because we have been resisting the People of the Lie for decades. That’s what conservatives do in life. We are the adults. Our job is to point out the truth.
Obama was elected by the mad logic of PC. He was not elected for his qualifications or experience, which he didn’t have. He was elected because, as Joe Biden said so well, he was a “clean Black guy.”
Obama has coasted his whole life on the myth of Multiculturalism. None of his college professors would ever dare to flunk him, because they would be witch-hunted by the left if they did.
As the ground begins to shake underneath the left, they will frantically try their usual shape-changing act. They will deny they ever believed in the cult of multi, and explain through the propaganda media whatever little smidgen of Western civilization they wants us to believe.
What the Europeans really want is for the Muslim fascists to stop attacking them. They will try to buy peace by strong-arming Israel and America to compromise with Islamic radicals. That’s what they did with the Soviet threat over sixty years. The civilized peoples of the West, led by people like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II held on grimly while the sharks of the media went on one attack after another. At the end, Gorbachev was forced by his own loss of face to tear down that wall.
Today, America and a few cultural allies — Australia, Japan, India –  are the last bastions of civilization, because Europe has been attacking its own values for decades. It has raised generations of self-hating “idealists.” American professors have aped their European models. We, too, must find our own roots again, and assert our values without shame and without being afraid to speak out.
The alternative is a new Dark Age, imposed by medieval fascism and enabled by the Left.
This fight isn’t won. But we may be seeing a turning point in our generation’s battle for civilization.

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Feb 12 2011

Europe’s Multiculturalism Leading to Civil War?

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From CBN.Com

In a northern district of Paris, a brave shopkeeper named Marie-Neige Sardin guards her newsstand like a military fort. As a white woman, she is a minority in the mostly Arab-speaking Muslim area.

Sardin has been the victim of dozens of crime — raped, robbed, and having acid thrown at her, as other residents try to get her to leave.

Still, Sardin — the daughter of a French soldier — calls her little shop “a piece of French soil inside occupied territory,” and says she will not leave.

“I can’t bear to tell my future grandchildren that I have done nothing to preserve our French values. So, staying here is marking our territory,” she explained.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently admitted that multiculturalism has failed. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed. They were talking specifically about immigrants from the Muslim world.

The left’s multicultural dream was to give Islam a special place in society, with no requirement to assimilate. But rather than bring social harmony, multiculturalism has encouraged radicalism and the spread of sharia law.

And it’s creating a new tribalism with groups organizing along religious and ethnic lines.

‘No Go’ Zones for Natives

In cities across Europe, only a massive police presence prevents open street warfare between groups. Paris police must keep a constant vigil like their counterparts in Sweden, Denmark and Britain.

France has some 751 “No Go” zones. The French government has labeled these areas “sensitive urban zones” that are dangerous for whites and non-Muslims to enter.

French writer Guy Milliere said even the local authorities stay out of these zones.

“It means that it’s the part of the country where the police don’t go,” he said. “The firemen don’t go and even doctors and ambulance don’t go, except if they have no other choice.”

“And it’s like that because these parts of the country are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and imams,” he continued.

That has led to the formation of groups who want to oppose Islam and protect the white native French. In Nice, Philippe Vardon leads one of those groups called Bloc Identitaire. He told CBN News members are being trained in hand-to-hand combat.

“Our government, our politics are leading us to war,” he said.

Vardon said the government treats the majority in France like a minority. They have been marginalized politically and victimized by immigrant crime.

“There is on one end, the political speech which says, ‘Oh, everything is okay. It feels so good to feel the difference, to live together, everything is great. We live in harmony. It’s communion. It’s perfect,’” Vardon explained.

“And on the other hand, you got the truth of what people are feeling. They are feeling like foreigners in their own country,” he continued.

‘Anti-Islamization’ Only for Show?

The French government has made high profile moves against Islamization, such as outlawing the veil. But in Marseille, CBN News witnessed Muslim women wearing full burqas in front of French police officers who did not respond to them.

CBN News team also saw Muslims blocking the streets illegally for Friday prayers.

Marseille is France’s second largest city and today, is about one quarter Muslim. But there are parts of Marseille that are completely Muslim. In reality, some of the “No Go” zones function like micro states that are governed by or under the influence of Islamic sharia law.

France’s Dark Future

French journalist and author Alexandre del Valle says society is slowing dividing and faces a dark future.

“We see that our society is dividing between those who are Muslim and those who are black and those who are white,” he said. “Instead of the state bringing people together, people are dividing.”

“It’s civil war. It will not be a civil war like in Spain under Franco. It will be a kind of local civil war,” del Valle added. “In fact, I think one day it will be so unbearable that the state will be obliged to send in the army.”

Today in Europe, there are many victims of multiculturalism like Sardin — people without political voices who are afraid to leave their homes. But she vows not to surrender.

“Do we want our daughters to wear veils in the future? Do we want them to live under sharia law? Do we want stoning to be practiced? No, it is not possible,” she said.

“I want to be the symbol of ‘No.’” she added. “The symbol of ‘Stop.’”

- Prophecy News Watch

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Feb 05 2011

Welcome to the future of Europe

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From Israel National News.Com

Go to any children’s store in Amsterdam or Milan or Marseilles or Stockholm. Look at the Muslim women in headscarves.

Welcome to the future of Europe.

The global number of Muslims is expected to jump 35 percent in the next 20 years, growing twice as fast as the non-Muslim population, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, which published projections for growth in the Muslim population between 2010 and 2030.

According to the Pew report, the total number of people who identify themselves as Muslims is currently about 1.6 billion. That figure is expected to rise to 2.2 billion by the year 2030. It’s one of the fastest demographic evolutions in history. Muslims will make up 26.4 percent of the world’s population in 2030, compared with 23.4 percent now.

But the most frightening figure is about Europe. Some of the biggest increases in Europe’s Muslim population in absolute numbers over the next 20 years are expected to occur in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. The Muslim populations in Italy and Sweden are projected to “more than double in size”.

Demography is the most important symptom of metaphisical exhaustion: without a cradle, it’s hard to sustain a civilization. And as Walter Laqueur warned in his magisterial book, these are “the last days of Europe”. A declining European fertility, a massive immigration from Muslim countries and a confident Islamist minority. could turn the cradle of Western civilization into its grave.

In the meanwhile, Europe is dying. Literally. It’s running out of babies. The number of births has dropped in comparison to the number of deaths year after year.

Italy for example, the most famous Catholic country that has always been seen as the stereotypical land of big, close-knit families, attains one of the world’s lowest levels of fertility: 1.3.

For a stable population you need a total fertility rate of 2.1 live births per woman. That’s what America has: 2.1, give or take.

Recent data show that also Israeli demography is on the rise not only among religious families, but also among the bourgeois of Tel Aviv, where the average family still tends to have three children per couple.

There is no longer a single country in Europe where European people are having enough children to replace themselves when they die. But Italy is the first country in the world to experience what is known as “the crossing-over”, where the number of people who are over 60 exceeds the number of those who are under 20. The Pope’s city could be the stage for the sequel of Children of Men, the movie that sketched a sterile, dystopian world without babies.

As Christopher Caldwell argues in his magisterial book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe”, “a society with total fertility of 1.3 (Italy, Spain, Eastern Germany and the Baltic nations) will fall in a short time to a quarter of its size”.

In the four largest cities of the Netherlands - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht - Mohammed, with the variations of Mohamed and Muhammad, is the first name among the newborns. It’s the same in the capital of European Union, Bruxelles.

The Jews are already leaving Antwerp, Amsterdam and Malmo.

In the 52nd chapter of his “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, the great historian Edward Gibbon speculated that if the French had failed to defeat an invading Muslim army at the Battle of Poitiers in A.D. 732, “perhaps the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford”. When those words were published in 1788, the idea was a mere fantasy. Today Oxford debates “Israel’s right to exist” and preaches the Islamist ideology.

Gibbon was right, but before his time.

- Prophecy News Watch

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Jan 26 2011

Europe’s Growing Muslim Lobby

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From Hudson-NY.Org

Europeans often fantasize about America’s so-called Jewish lobby, which they claim has a chokehold over American finance, media and politics and is responsible for all manner of conspiratorial evil. But few Europeans like to talk about the growing influence of Europe’s Muslim lobby, a conglomeration of hundreds of Muslim political and religious organizations — many of which are media-savvy mouthpieces for militant Islam that openly pursue anti-European, anti-Western and anti-Semitic agendas and often receive financial support from Islamic fundamentalist countries like Saudi Arabia.

In a Europe where Islam is the fastest-growing religion, and where the number of Muslims has tripled over the past 30 years, Europe’s Muslim lobby is becoming increasingly assertive and skilled at pressuring European policy-makers into implementing countless pro-Islamic policies, especially ones that institutionalize Islamic Sharia law. Muslim lobby groups are, in fact, transforming European society in ways unimaginable only a few years ago; critics say their ultimate goal is nothing less than the Islamification of Europe.

Some of the most effective Muslim lobby groups are located in Britain, home to one of the largest Muslim communities in Europe, and include organizations such as the Muslim Council of Britain [MCB], Britain’s largest Muslim umbrella body with around 500 affiliated national, regional and local organizations, mosques, charities and schools. It recently pressured the British government into adopting Islamic law and giving Sharia courts full powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.

The British government has quietly sanctioned the powers for Sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence. Whereas previously, the rulings of Sharia courts in Britain could not be enforced, and depended on voluntary compliance among Muslims, rulings issued by a network of five Sharia courts are now enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court. Sharia courts with these powers have been set up in Birmingham, Bradford, London and Manchester and the network’s headquarters are located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire; and two more courts are being planned for Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Overall, at least 85 Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in Britain, almost 20 times as many as previously believed. A study by the Civitas think tank found that scores of unofficial tribunals and councils regularly apply Islamic law to resolve domestic, marital and business disputes, many operating in mosques. The study warns of a “creeping” acceptance of Sharia principles in British law.)

Although the MCB, which represents half of the country’s 3 million Muslims, presents itself as the moderate face of Islam in Britain, the group has its origins in the extreme orthodox politics of Pakistan. The MCB and some of its affiliates sympathize with, and have links to, conservative Islamist movements in the Muslim world, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami, a radical party committed to the establishment of an Islamic state in Pakistan ruled by Sharia law.

Far from promoting moderate Islam, the MCB’s real objective, critics say, is to help Muslims in Britain become more radical in their beliefs.

Among other positions, the MCB believes death is the appropriate penalty for apostasy and homosexuality. The group recently endorsed a pro-Hamas declaration that calls for Jihad against Jews and Israel, and condones attacks on British troops. The MCB also regularly makes headlines for boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies in Britain; it is also campaigning for the establishment of an alternative Genocide Memorial Day that will “incorporate similar tragedies.”

Another Muslim group, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the United Kingdom (MPACUK), has the outspoken aim of mobilizing Muslim voters to affect the outcome of British elections. During the general elections in 2010, MPACUK was pivotal in de-seating six members of parliament (MPs) who were perceived as being not sufficiently pro-Muslim.

During the 2005 general elections, MPACUK launched a smear campaign against Labour Party MP Lorna Fitzsimons. MPACUK distributed a leaflet claiming that Fitzsimons had done nothing to help the Palestinians because she was Jewish. Another leaflet said: “Lorna Fitzsimons is an ardent Zionist and a member of the most powerful anti-Muslim lobby in the world, the Israel lobby.”

Fitzsimons is not in fact Jewish, and MPACUK later withdrew the leaflet. But MPACUK did succeed in unseating Fitzsimons; ever since then, many British MPs have been bending over backwards to appease Muslim voters.

MPACUK recently worked with Britain’s Channel 4 television to produce a documentary titled “Operation Muslim Vote.” With the aim of pressing for a larger participation of Muslims in British politics, the documentary tells the story of two MPACUK activists who head to northern England to take on the safe seats of several “pro-Zionist war mongering MPs.”

MPACUK’s website says its work is defined by the core principle of anti-Zionism: “MPACUK opposes the racist political ideology of Zionism and aims to counter the influence of the Zionist lobby. Openly available evidence demonstrates a Zionist agenda to dominate the Middle East and push a ‘clash of civilisations’ between Islam and ‘The West’. We therefore believe that anti-Zionism is a strategic priority to counter the greatest and most urgent threat facing the Ummah [the Muslim Diaspora].”

Its website also says Muslims in Britain should be pro-actively engaged in mainstream media and politics as the most effective way to “reviving the fard (obligation) of Jihad.”

Muslim lobby groups have also pressed the British government to enact the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, which creates a new crime: intentionally stirring up religious hatred against people on religious grounds. Predictably, the new law has established new limits on free speech in a country where the politically correct elite routinely seek to silence public discussion about the escalating problem of Muslim immigration.

The growing power of Europe’s Muslim lobby was most recently demonstrated by the European Union’s decision in mid-December to quietly abandon a new measure that would have required halal (religiously approved for Muslims) meat products to carry a label to help non-Muslim consumers identify their origins. With the exponential growth of Europe’s Muslim population, thousands of tons of religiously slaughtered halal meat is now entering the general food chain, where it is being unwittingly consumed by the non-Muslim population.

By bowing to Muslim pressure groups — such as the World Halal Forum Europe and the Halal Monitoring Committee — and dropping the halal labelling requirement, the EU is effectively establishing Sharia law as normative for Europe’s meat industry. The halal controversy, in which Muslim lobby groups are seeking to impose the requirements of Islam, not just on their own people, but also on the rest of society, illustrates how the rise of Islam is influencing the daily lives of hundreds of millions of non-Muslim Europeans.

In France, which has the second-largest Muslim population on the continent after Germany, several Muslim lobby groups are vying to represent the country’s estimated 4.1 million Muslims. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) serves as the official interlocutor with the French state in the regulation of Muslim religious activities, and as such it is the de facto representative of all French Muslims before the national government. The other main Muslim lobby groups are the Rally for French Muslims (RMF),backed by Morocco, and the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF), close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Germany, home to Europe’s largest Muslim population in absolute terms, the powerful Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), itself a branch of the Turkish government’s religious affairs authority, has succeeded in persuading the city of Cologne to approve the construction of a new mega mosque. The futuristic mosque will hold up to 4,000 worshippers, and will have a large dome and two 55-meter (180 feet) minarets, each as tall as 18-story office towers. The 4,500-square-meter (48,000-square-foot) mosque, which has a price tag of €20 million ($26 million), is being financed by donations from more than 800 Muslim groups inside and outside Germany. Critics of the project say the mosque is a deliberate effort to spoil Cologne’s skyline by taking attention away from the city’s Gothic cathedral, a globally famous Christian landmark.

In recent months, Muslim lobby groups have also persuaded the German government to adapt Germany’s secular education system so that it caters to Islamic preferences. The German Education Ministry has, for example, agreed to fund Islamic studies at several state universities to train Muslim prayer leaders and religion teachers. Germany’s Education Minister, Annette Schavan, says: “We want as many imams as possible to be educated in Germany. Imams are bridge builders between their congregations and the communities in which their mosques stand.” She states further that Germany would need 2,000 imams and teachers if all 16 states offered Islam courses.

Elsewhere in Germany, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Muslim lobby groups are working with the Culture Ministry to design Islam-friendly classes for public schools. The new guidelines recommend cancelling all school trips during the month of Ramadan; taking into account the sensitivities of Muslims when planning internships and school events; and assigning less schoolwork during Ramadan because fasting could lead to loss of performance and concentration among Muslim students.

In the German state of Lower Saxony, the German Muslim Central Council is urging the Education Ministry to include Islam in its schools’ core curriculum as part of a politically correct initiative to counter growing anti-Islam sentiments in the country. In Berlin, the Ministry for Education, Science and Research recently published a guide called “Islam and School,” which gives teachers practical advice on how to avoid offending Muslim students.

In Scandinavia, the Muslim Council of Sweden, an umbrella organization of Islamic groups in the country, is pressuring the Swedish government to implement special legislation for Muslims in Sweden. The demands include: the right to specific Islamic holidays; special public financing for the building of mosques; a demand that all divorces between Muslim couples be approved by an Imam; and that Imams should be allowed to teach Islam in public schools.

As Europe’s Muslim population grows, Muslim lobby groups are also exerting significant influence on European policy in the Middle East, resulting in a notable hardening of official European attitudes toward Israel. Several European countries, for instance, eager to maintain good relations with local Muslim communities, are laying the political groundwork for the EU to recognize a Palestinian state, possibly as early as October 2011,even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded — a total abrogation of the UN’s signed Oslo accords.

In December 2009, the EU adopted a resolution that for the first time explicitly calls for Jerusalem to become the future capital of a Palestinian state. The move not only reflects the EU’s efforts to prejudge the outcome of issues reserved for permanent status negotiations, but in December 2010, an influential group of former EU leaders and officials published a letter urging the EU to implement sanctions against Israel.

Europe has also been “ground zero” for a series of anti-Israel lawsuits which exploit the legal principle of universal jurisdiction in order to harass current and former Israeli political and military leaders, with the twin aims of tying Israel’s hands against Palestinian terror and delegitimizing the Jewish state. Such “lawfare” is often aided and abetted by Muslim lobby groups in Europe by means of financial and logistical support.

The steady demonization of Israel by European officialdom is also affecting the European street, where the line between valid criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism is becoming dangerously blurred. A survey conducted by the University of Bielefeld, for example, shows that more than 50% of Germans equate Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians with Nazi treatment of the Jews, and that 68% of Germans say that Israel is waging a “war of extermination” against the Palestinian people. In terms of Europe as a whole, an official EU poll shows that the majority of Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace.

Another report commissioned by the EU’s Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia (now called the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) found that Muslim immigrants are largely responsible for the sharp increase in anti-Semitic violence in Europe.

Predictably, Muslim lobby groups pressured the EU into preventing that report from being released to the general public.

- Prophecy News Watch

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